One of my army buddies, an airplane pilot, told me about flight school and his first instructor pilot. He said that when they got in the airplane for the first time, the instructor hung his pocket watch by the chain from the roof of the plane just above the instrument panel. My friend, thinking that was rather odd, asked the instructor pilot what that was all about. He replied, “that’s so we can always tell which way is up.”

I have invested my life in helping others to know which way is up and how to survive when the world seems to have  gotten upside down.  If you’re like most of my readers, you are very smart about many things and if given enough time, could figure out how to better manage your money.  But you are busy and need to cut through the noise of today’s financial press which is far too often influenced by product providers. Some of you want to grow your assets more quickly, others to spend more wisely, still more want to simply provide for those they care about and leave a lasting legacy. You know that you can make better money decisions. But something keeps getting in the way:

  • You never know who’s interest is being served by what you hear in the marketplace.
  • The simplistic web-based solutions just don’t go deep enough to fit your situation.
  • The jargon of the financial industry makes everything seem so complex as to render advice useless.

The fact is that there is so much noise in the financial press today that I have resisted adding to the cacophony; however, more than a few people have told me that they miss our weekly eNews. So here goes. What I offer here should, in no way, be construed as individual financial or investment advice.  Some of the ideas you will discover here will be mutually exclusive from other ideas. You should consult your own financial or tax advisor before undertaking any ideas that you find here.

MY Goal in writing this blog

My mission is to empower you to make great decisions with your money and to do what you need or want to do for those that matter most to you.  My hope is that you will find this incredibly useful.  I plan to post articles on a regular basis. They will fit within two broad categories: financial planning and investments.  The investment piece will be similar to our firm’s eNews that was discontinued last year because the platform became unwieldy.  The other category will attend to a financial planning topic (e.g. retirement, education funding, estate planning, life planning, insurance needs, tax planning, cash flow, debt management, etc.) that you, our reader tell us is relevant. I figure that if a couple of people are asking the same question, then it is likely to be important to a lot of people and worth a conversation.

My belief is that a blog should not be a monologue but a dialogue with you, my reader. To that end, when you see a post that resonates with you or brings up a question, please scroll down and leave a comment.