Want to stay in your house, not a nursing home?

Check out my interview with Tom Martin

Aging gracefully doesn’t just happen, but it is possible. Where we live throughout elderhood is a major contributor to how well we age. In more than 30 years of professional practice, I have had one client tell

me that she actually wants to go to a nursing home when she reaches an advanced age. All the rest want to stay at home and age-in-place.  Many of our boomer clients are concerned about where their parents will live.  It takes flexible planning ahead of time, or crisis management at the moment of need, to achieve this important goal.  I was recently interviewed by Tom Martin for the Lexington Herald Leader on Aging in Place.  Click here for the article or here for the podcast of the entire interview.

In the interview I refer to a book by David Solie, How to Say it to Seniors, Closing the Communication Gap with our EldersI found it very helpful and can recommend the book to anyone who needs to communicate better with their seniors.

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